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There are two types of staging; staging a vacant home and staging a home in which the sellers reside.  So what is staging exactly, well let’s start with what staging isn’t.  Staging a home for sale is not redecorating the home and filling it with furniture.  Anybody can do that.  Staging, for lack of a better synonym, is “un-decorating.”  Staging is a process by which an Accredited Staging Professional arranges items in a home to make prospective buyers see the home as a space and not look at the decorating. 

When homes are vacant an Staging Professional may rent furniture to provide prospective buyers with an ‘idea’ of what the rooms in the home feel like furnished.  There is a delicate balance when staging a vacant home, and that is the balance between just enough and overdone.  It is EASY to over furnish a home and decorate it like a model, but that is truly a disservice to the seller and the buyer because it is so difficult to actually SEE the home.  Prospective buyers need an opportunity to envision what their belongings will look like in the home, so having a few pieces in each room provides scale.

Staging a home in which the sellers reside is a process of redistributing furniture and personal items to make the home easier to SEE by prospective buyers.  Staging Professionals have been educated and trained in ways to make what you already own help you sell your own home.  This may mean turning the dining room you use as your work room or office back into a dining room, cleaning up your cluttered living space or simply rearranging items in the home.  Each home has it’s strengths and a Staging Professional will work with you to help your home sell itself!

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BEFORE:  The Green Walls were taste specific.  There were no knobs on the cabinets, a burgundy rug along with an out-dated table.

AFTER:  A light, bright and neutral kitchen.  Neutral paint brightens up the space, door pulls add contrast, removing the rug allows the hardwood to shine, and the table enhances the black granite countertops.